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LCD "Enlightenment"

The apartment is made in the American style, which is harmoniously complemented by more modern interior elements. The project was developed for a young interesting girl who wanted to get the most spacious and comfortable home space.

To solve the task, all the equipment is harmoniously hidden, and the interior elements do not clutter up the free space, while maintaining their functionality.

The color scheme of the apartment is chosen in the same style. Particular attention was paid to the bathroom, where the real heart of the room was a huge countertop with a washbasin and an illuminated mirror. This is not only a functional and really important solution for every girl, but also a great way to visually enlarge the space by adding a little touch of magic to it!

  • Project name: LCD "Enlightenment"
  • Design: Oksana Stebelskaya
  • Location: Kiev, Ukraine