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PR “Feodosiyskiy”

Always go beyond the possible - this is one of the important principles in my work! This project was developed for a family with a teenage child who needed to be given space for development and activity.

Modern style was chosen as the basis of the design concept. At the expense of the room, the corridor was enlarged and converted into another guest room. Thanks to the light white-mirror wardrobe and thoughtful lighting, the absence of windows in this room can not even be noticed.

The kitchen and bedroom in this apartment are separated by a two-sided wardrobe. This decision helped to hide the built-in refrigerator in a very aesthetic and original way, next to which there was a TV set in a small nice niche. At the top and bottom of this cabinet are small and functional cabinets.

The result of the work done was a living space thought out to the smallest detail, in which functionality goes side by side with aesthetics and impeccable style!

  • Project name: PR”Feodosiysky”
  • Design: Oksana Stebelskaya
  • Location: Kiev, Ukraine