Sofia Residential Complex

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Sofia Residential Complex

The project was developed for a young man who plans to start a family in the future. As a result, it was necessary to create a cozy space, which over time can become a comfortable place to live for several people.

An important feature of the implementation of this project was the fact that I joined the repair already at the stage of finishing work. As a result, I had to create already within the framework of the conditions provided.

A certain highlight of the table is the non-standard shape of the corridor, which dictates the main line for the entire living space. A bathroom where, in a limited area, it was possible to comfortably place all the necessary elements.

In the kitchen, all gas communications are aesthetically hidden, an extra bed is organized and a folding table is installed, which will help to receive guests comfortably. The composition is completed by a room that can be used both for work and leisure.

  • Project name: Residential Complex “Sofia”
  • Design: Oksana Stebelskaya
  • Location: Kiev, Ukraine