How do I work

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I try to optimize the process of cooperation with the client as much as possible. Always open to dialogue and implementation of the most daring and non-standard ideas. I like to experiment and help to emphasize the individuality and exquisite taste of the owners of the house through interior design!


We meet in a cozy place and discuss your wishes and preferences in interior design (style, colors, functionality of zones and rooms) in a relaxed atmosphere. Based on the information received, we fill in the TOR (terms of reference).

After that, you choose the appropriate design project package. We sign the contract and measurements of the premises are made.

Planning solution

I develop up to 4 variants of the plan with the arrangement of furniture and equipment, taking into account your wishes in terms of the number and purpose of rooms, furniture, and equipment.

Plans are provided indicating the overall characteristics of furniture, plumbing and kitchen equipment in accordance with ergonomic and design and construction standards.

Among the proposed solutions, you choose the most suitable and convenient option for you. If necessary, you can combine several plans into one. We approve the agreed planning decision.

Object completion/Selection of materials

We go with you to the salons for the selection of materials (floor and wall coverings, sanitary equipment, doors, furniture, lighting fixtures, etc.).

Development of working documentation

Working documentation is a package of drawings for construction and repair work. Prepared according to the package of services you have chosen.

In the package of drawings, all elements of the interior are worked out as detailed as possible, taking into account the developed materials, where the necessary dimensions and bindings are indicated.

3-D Visualization

Photorealistic presentation of the future interior (2-3 angles per room) using the 3Ds Max program. You will be able to see how your home will look after the renovation is completed.

Realization/Design supervision

Architectural supervision provides for regular site visits. In addition, builders are consulted to clarify the details of the project and verify the results of the work.

If necessary, the drawings are corrected during the construction process.

Work with contractors, which includes the organization of the order of selected components (sanitary ware, furniture, lamps, etc.).